Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle

King Kong
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SDAC:Super Duty AI Commercial
King Kong
  • Core parameter
  • Owners' rights and interests
King KongThe cab is available in single/half row modes
Core parameter
All parameters
Whole vehicle weight is only2.34T-2.46T
Height of the vehicle is2m
Rear wheel base1370mm
  • NO.1
    Central locking system
  • NO.2
    Equipped with electric doors and windows
  • NO.3
    Equipped with a retarder function to reduce the speed of container unloading
  • NO.4
    Rear wheel base is 1370mm
  • NO.5
    The equipment of ABS+EBD+EPS to guarantee safety
  • NO.6
    Standard air brakes or cut-off air brake
Underlying interest
  • Three-level accessories guarantee mechanism
    Three-level accessories guarantee of Laiyang General Warehouse+Central Warehouse+Service Provider
    Green channel to meet the timeliness of parts supply
  • Four Seasons Customer Care Activity
    Regional customer care activities and Shaanxi Auto Light Truck TCO trusteeship service are launched.
  • Ultra long vehicle warranty
    The whole vehicle is guaranteed for 4 years without limit over mileage;
    the gearbox and rear axle are maintenance free for 3 years and 300,000 km
  • Special service mechanism for market segments
    One to one service provided by the service provider;
    freight car service; night service subsidy policy.
  • All-round technical support mechanism
    Service provider+employed engineer+headquarters engineer is launched for quick response, quick arrival and quick solution.
  • All-weather service guarantee mechanism
    7*24-hour all-weather one-stop service;
    time limited service is implemented to ensure service effectiveness.
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