Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle

EIC Technology
EIC Technology

Global innovative intelligent energy service system

Stable and reliable power battery
  • CTP technology
    Weakened “module” design concept, reducing the number of parts by about 10%, and making it lighter as a whole
  • Fast charging speed
    SOC20%-80% charging time <45min
  • High-efficiency heating technology
    0.5℃/min heating rate, intelligent thermal management strategy to shorten the heating time in high-frigid condition
  • IP68 protection grade
    Level 6 dust prevention, dust seal, and dust with a diameter of 80 microns cannot enter
    Grade 8 waterproof, which can calmly cope with urban waterlogging (1m deep, soaking for 24 hours)
    The sealing materials of the box sealing interface have passed the 1500h double 85 aging test,
    No attenuation of life-cycle torque
  • High-efficiency cooling technology
    Under the external ambient temperature of 40℃, the liquid cooling in the battery box can effectively cool down, and the temperature difference is less than 5℃, effectively extending the service life of the system.
Industry-leading electric drive system
Full-topology lightweight design of structure
Industry-leading cooling system
Continuously optimized NVH
The weight of the whole machine is about 9kg lower than that of competitive products
The water resistance decreases by 50%, the temperature rise decreases by 2.6°C, and the continuous power is 10kW higher than that of competitive products
72 th harmonic energy reduced by 50%
Noise reduced by 3dB, and vibration acceleration reduced by 15%
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