Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle

Power Technology
Power Technology

Global innovative intelligent energy service system

Industry leading gold power chain

By virtue of Weichai Group’s R&D capability and resource advantages, a gold power chain that leads the industry and wins public praise has been created with full integration of Weichai engine, Fast gearbox and Hande axle.

Super power
Horsepower 115-160PS
The horsepower of 2.3L displacement is up to 140PS, and the largest horsepower of the same displacement in the industry
Weichai WP2.5NQ160E61 engine, with max. power of 118kW and max. torque of 450N. M, and the largest torque of the same displacement in the industry.
Fast gearbox has 5/6/8/automatic gears available to meet different market segments, and all of them are equipped with synchronizers for shifting without abnormal noise.
Perfect combination with Weichai 2.5N for continuous power output.
Ultra high reliability
The Weichai engine is durable for over 1 million km, and the service life of B10 reaches 800,000 km. The cylinder head is made of cast iron, which can withstand higher explosion pressure and has higher reliability.
The reliability verification of Fast gearbox is the same as that of heavy truck gearbox (a world-class professional laboratory certified by the state). B10 has a service life of more than 600,000km.
Hande axle housing middle section is subject to robot welding, the shaft head is subject to friction welding, with kingpins of liquid nitrogen press fitting, high strength, long service life, no deviation and no shaking.
Economical and fuel saving
Weichai engine adopts efficient thermostat+high detonation pressure combustion system+efficient supercharger+small gear ratio gear train, reducing fuel consumption by 3%.
The gearbox adopts gear micro modification technology and precision grinding technology, and the transmission efficiency is 5% ahead of the industry.
The transmission efficiency of Hande axle is 5%-8% higher than that of the industry. Optimized design of raceways and seals, reducing the friction torque by 40%. The total transfer efficiency is up to 96%.
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