Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle

Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles won two awards at the "China Automotive News" World Future Commercial Vehicle Expo 2022
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Innovation and breakthrough, dare to control the future. From November 15 to 17, the 2022 World Future Commercial Vehicle Expo and World New Energy and Smart Things Commercial Vehicle Ecological Conference was held in Shenzhen. Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle won the double awards of "New Edge Pioneer" and "Green energy-saving Benchmark" by virtue of its pioneering industry marketing mode and green technology new energy products and services. For the profound and complex changes and accelerated integration of China's commercial vehicle market to bring positive new force.

Innovative marketing

Open up new ideas for new energy commercial vehicles

China's commercial vehicle industry is accelerating its transformation, stepping into a new stage of high-quality development, and rapidly integrating in the wave of intelligent, electric, networked and sustainable development. As the new "star" power in China's commercial vehicle industry, Weichai New energy commercial Vehicle has a profound insight into the changes of industry users. In 2022, Weichai New energy commercial vehicle brand rejuvenation and start again, to fully drive to the high-end market and new track in the field of new energy commercial vehicles, and create a new model of commercial vehicle marketing.

The leading marketing model is the indispensable booster for the brand to go out. Weichai New energy commercial vehicles has carried out comprehensive strategic cooperation around new energy light truck leasing service, goods source service, transport capacity service, maintenance and after-sales service, breaking the original "R&D - sales - marketing - after-sales" chain business model, and building an innovative marketing model including transport capacity, goods source, leasing, etc. It deserves the honor and affirmation of "New Sharp Creation Leader".

Delan New energy light truck

City with green energy-saving new benchmark

At present, commercial vehicles as a segment market with high carbon emission in the automobile industry, energy structure transformation is imminent. New energy light trucks, with the advantages of low carbon and environmental protection, wide application scenarios, low use cost and high transportation efficiency, have gradually gained recognition and welcome in the market in recent years. Among them, Delan new energy light truck with long endurance, low energy consumption, high intelligence and high safety is a new footnote for the "green energy saving" and new energy iterative upgrading of commercial vehicles.

It is positioned as a "long endurance intelligent electric light truck" and adopts the large capacitance and high energy density battery independently developed by Weichai. Under comprehensive working conditions, the driving range can reach 300 kilometers, and the fast charging only takes 50 minutes. Delan new energy light truck not only meets the time limit of freight transportation and the attendance rate, but also eliminates the driving anxiety of users with its strength. In terms of energy conservation, Delan new energy light trucks adopt Weichai autonomous motor, electronic control system and Hande intelligent integrated electric drive bridge, with braking energy recovery up to 100%, leading the industry.

In addition, Delan new energy light truck is also equipped with electric power steering, corner auxiliary lighting system, AEB pre-collision safety system, lane keeping system, body stability system, 360° roundabout system, which greatly improves the safety guarantee of logistics distribution. Not long ago, 500 sets of Delan new energy light trucks were delivered to Wuhan Guohui Luyuan, which officially started the implementation of the smart transport strategy. It can be said that in the process of accelerating the popularity of new energy commercial vehicles, Weichai new energy commercial vehicles is going all out to solve the industry problems such as slow progress and imbalance of new energy commercialization of commercial vehicles.

Follow the trend, ride the trend! The year 2022 is an important year for China to implement the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is also a crucial year for China to fully build a modern socialist country and embark on the second centenary of its endeavor. New energy commercial vehicles are gradually accelerating the pace of structure optimization and high-quality development. Weichai new energy commercial Vehicles is more in the positive innovation and development ability, to create an efficient, green, collaborative commercial vehicle ecology, for the logistics industry and users to create greater value.

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