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Thousands of light trucks large single Weichai new energy commercial vehicles overseas market is more hot
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After 500 sets of Delan New energy light trucks were delivered to customers in just over ten days, Weichai New energy commercial vehicles once again surprised thousands of overseas large orders!

On November 11, 2022, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles officially signed an order of 1,000 light trucks with KAH ABTO International Automobile Group. After representatives of both sides signed the agreement, the production of the first batch of 300 light trucks was officially started. This time, Weichai New energy commercial vehicles won the largest overseas order in history, indicating that the quality of light truck products owned by Weichai New energy commercial vehicles has been recognized by overseas customers. At the same time, it also shows that its brand and strength have opened the door of the international market and taken an important step to layout overseas.

潍柴新能源商用车与KAH ABTO国际汽车集团正式签订1000台轻卡订单

  On the same day, the general manager of KAH ABTO Group Dante, head of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle Overseas Sales Company Yang Zizzhen and business backbone of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle Overseas Sales Company witnessed the activity.

Weichai endorsement highlights the upward momentum of the brand

Affected by the economic downturn, the new blue brand regulations and repeated epidemics, light trucks, as the segment market with the largest production and sales volume and the most fierce competition in the commercial vehicle field, will face a more severe market situation in 2022.

In the "double cycle" pattern, facing the fierce market competition, as an important business unit of Weichai Group, Weichai new energy commercial vehicles adapt to the situation and take the initiative to explore new marketing channels. Relying on the brand and technology support of Weichai Group, with independent research and development as the core, the company is based on high-end commercial vehicles and new energy commercial vehicles. In the domestic market, take advantage of the favorable opportunity of green and low-carbon transformation of the express logistics industry to carry out strategic cooperation with major logistics customers; In the international market, seize the window period when the epidemic is under control or alleviated in some countries and new infrastructure and logistics are gradually restored, and actively seek export business opportunities in the medium and short distance logistics transport market.

潍柴新能源商用车与KAH ABTO国际汽车集团正式签订1000台轻卡订单

  At the same time, in order to ensure product quality, Weichai New energy commercial vehicles has always been deep cultivation technology, committed to providing users with more reliable products. After continuous optimization of "Weichai Engine + Faist transmission + Hande Axle" golden powertrain, the light truck products have strong power, safety and reliability, economy and fuel saving, high attendance, and can meet a variety of complex working conditions and subdivision scenarios.

We will further advance our long-term plan for overseas market layout

Under the strategic guidance of Weichai International, Weichai New energy commercial Vehicles actively explore the global market with an international vision, adhere to the road of high-quality development, build the competitiveness of the brand in the overseas market, become internationally renowned with excellent product force, win the trust of the overseas market, and constantly enhance the brand premium ability with the brand impression of high technology, high quality and high quality.

潍柴新能源商用车与KAH ABTO国际汽车集团正式签订1000台轻卡订单

  KAH ABTO International Automotive Group, as the head of the automotive industry in the territory, represents a number of internationally renowned automotive brands. Its business scope covers new car sales, used car sales, leasing services, vehicle maintenance and road rescue, etc. It has a network of 19 primary distributors and hundreds of secondary distributors. With a turnover of more than $2 billion in 2021, the company is one of the most powerful auto dealership groups in the region. KAH ABTO values the product quality and brand strength of Weichai new energy commercial vehicles. It purchased 1000 sets of light truck products this time and will deliver them to the Customs Union certification area in the future. The formal signing of this overseas large order marks that Weichai's overseas strategy of new energy commercial vehicles has achieved a major breakthrough, which lays a solid foundation for realizing the mission of globalization.

潍柴新能源商用车与KAH ABTO国际汽车集团正式签订1000台轻卡订单

  Weichai International, China "wisdom" made! Since its establishment, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles has shouldering the mission of globalization of high-end light truck products of Weichai Group and practicing the internationalization strategy of light commercial vehicle products of Weichai Group. Focus on 11 core markets with superior resources in overseas markets, make efforts on potential markets of new energy, and complete the global network layout in three years to ensure China's first export camp in 2025.

With differentiated competition, Weichai new energy commercial Vehicles is leading the industry reform, tapping potential inward and seeking market outward. Weichai New energy commercial Vehicles is realizing a rapid transformation from traditional inefficient competition to high-end market and new track in the field of new energy commercial vehicles. As an advanced representative of Chinese manufacturing, Weichai New energy commercial vehicles will live up to its mission, with more active innovation and development ability, to create a new image of China's commercial brand in the international market, create greater commercial value for global users, and contribute to the strength of Weichai to promote the realization of "manufacturing power".

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