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Behind the 500 sales of Weichai new energy commercial vehicles: industry reform is coming
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Recently, the signing ceremony of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle - Guohui Lvyuan Smart Transport Capability Strategic Cooperation and the 500 Weichai SDAC New Energy Light Trucks were held in Wuhan. Relying on 500 Weichai SDAC new energy light trucks, the two sides will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in the fields of new energy light truck rental services, supply services, transport capability, maintenance, jointly promote the development and growth of the new energy logistics vehicle market, work together to build a new mode of zero carbon logistics, and lead the new future of industry.

On that day, Zhang Chaoxiang, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle and the General Manager of the Marketing Company, Li Xuefeng, the General Manager of Weichai New Energy Technology, Nie Youlin, the Chairman and General Manager of Guohui Lvyuan, and representatives of partners and media witnessed the event.


Win “500 new energy light trucks in the year”, leading the new commercial vehicle track

In recent years, with the continuous maturity of new energy technologies, and the strong support of policies, truck purchase subsidies, road rights promotion and other factors, the new energy logistics vehicle market has achieved rapid growth year after year, attracting all parties in the industry to speed up the “Blue Ocean” competition. In particular, this year, the traditional fuel vehicle market continues to be in downturn, and the new energy commercial vehicle market has a booming production and sales, growing against the trend, and the market competition pattern will be more severe.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weichai Group and a high-end truck strategic business unit, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has been deeply concerned by the industry since its official name change in August this year, and the newly released products such as “Weichai SDAC Z1 Light Truck”, “Weichai SDAC Premium”, and “Weichai SDAC - refrigerator Refrigerated vehicle” have received a good market response. The first batch of 200 of the 500 Weichai SDAC new energy light trucks delivered and put into operation this time will be delivered by the end of October, and the subsequent 300 will be delivered successively. This not only marks the initial success of Weichai new energy commercial vehicle’s comprehensive development strategy of high-end new energy track, but also refreshes the largest annual delivery scale of new energy light trucks, which will deeply affect the present market pattern of new energy commercial vehicles.


Innovate commercial vehicles marketing model, provide of supply + leasing + vehicle intelligent transport capability solutions

In just a few months, the new track has taken the lead, behind it is the continuous support of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle in the fields of new energy technology innovation, intelligent manufacturing, market development, after-sales service. It is also a profound reflection on the innovation of the business operation model of the new energy logistics industry from the key interests of users. Choosing to work with Guohui Lvyuan lies not only in its huge development potential in the business field, but also in the consensus of both sides on building an innovative marketing model. It is reported that Guohui Lvyuan has launched 2000 vehicles nationwide, covering Hubei, Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Henan and other regions. It plans to expand to 5000 vehicles in 2023 and tens of thousands in 2024. So as to realize the large-scale new energy logistics park focusing on the leasing and sale of new energy light trucks and simultaneously establishment of supply, warehousing, etc.


Based on the advantageous resources of both parties, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles will work with Guohui Lvyuan to break the original “R&D - sales - marketing - after-sales” chain business model, and create an innovative marketing model including transportation, supply, leasing, etc. For truck purchase demand or new users, we can not only provide high-quality products, but also provide supply services, further shortening the distance from truck purchase to income generation. For users with high purchase cost but vehicle purchase demand, short-term and long-term leasing modes can be provided to help users achieve a good profit with a low cost in the short term. We can provide timely and efficient transport capacity support in case of transport capacity shortage or “Double 11” and other business peak times. Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle will rely on APP to realize comprehensive marketing digital in the future, which can enable users to use relevant supply, leasing and other functions online, and provide users with real intelligent transport capacity solutions.


“Weichai New Energy Technology” Helps Open a New Era of High Efficiency and Energy Saving

The successful implementation of the new intelligent transport capacity ecological strategy is also inseparable from the powerful new energy technology empowerment of “Weichai New Energy Technology”. “Weichai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.” is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weichai Power, which is a new energy power system solution supplier focusing on the new energy vehicle EIC system, hydrogen cell and hybrid power technology development.


The comprehensive working condition of Weichai Weichai SDAC new energy light truck can reach 300 kilometers. It adopts the large capacitance and high-density battery pack independently developed by Weichai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which can reduce the weight by 10% and take only 50 minutes to charge quickly. At the same time, Weichai New Energy Technology motor, electric control system and Hande intelligent integrated electric drive bridge are adopted, and its parallel shaft integration technology integrates the drive chain, so that the braking energy recovery can reach 100%. In addition, the Standard Electronic Power Steering, Adaptive Front Lighting System, AEB Pro-Collision System, Lane Keeping System, Electronic Stability Program, and Around View Monitor has greatly improved the safety factor during driving, and brought users a sense of scientific research and intelligent enjoyment, and continuously improved the user experience.


With the 500 Weichai SDAC new energy light trucks putting into operation and the “Heavy Weight” fell down, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle and Guohui Lvyuan will surely jointly leverage a vast new market, and the innovative business model will also provide new ideas for the new energy commercial vehicle industry, helping users create higher value.

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