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Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle Boosts Industry Development with Science and Technology
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Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle officially launched the first Shaanxi Automobile Weichai SDAC light truck product on November 11, 2019. Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle created an industry record of breaking ten thousand output in 10 months in 2020, it achieved breakthrough progress in the high-end light truck field in September 2021, and realized brand renewal in October 2022, bought the largest annual new energy light truck order, and Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has never stopped.

Bearing in mind its mission and working hard, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has achieved a great leap from its start to the new generation of light truck industry in just three years, and has achieved an overall improvement in comprehensive strength, innovation and competitiveness.


The underlying logic of technology led the success of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle

From the first day of birth, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has high aspirations and unyielding spirit. The new products that were solemnly announced in November 2019 created an industry record of 10 months’ output breaking ten thousand in the second year. With strong brand strength and product quality, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has grown against the trend in the highly competitive light truck market. It is undeniable that with its own real marketing achievements, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has not only broken the industry’s past prejudices and doubts, but also attracted the industry’s attention. See through the appearance to perceive the essence, we will find that the commercial code of the rapid development of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle, actually implies interesting underlying logic.


First, it is good at absorbing everything according to the development of the times, and quickly introduce the latest R&D concept to continuously improve the whole series of vehicle products. As the saying goes,it takes a good blacksmith to forge good tools. In order to make the whole series of light truck products more competitive in the market and enhance their adaptability, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle, with the strong support of Weichai Group’s world-class technology innovation system and global core superior resources, continues to enhance product competitiveness with a forward-looking vision, go with the flow, gather the strength, extend the chain. In the field of key technologies, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has formed a coordinated development system based on Tokyo Innovation Center and Shanghai R & D Center.

Second, the great power chain combines with the ace camp, the highly competitive golden power chain combination deeply cultivates in the national market. Practice shows that, as a practical tool to create value for customers, the upper limit that light truck products can reach in the fierce market competition is often directly determined by its power chain combination. Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle matches the golden power chain of “Weichai Engine + Fast Transmission + Hande Axle” on the vehicle product, the power system has strong integration, high matching degree and good reliability. Over the past three years, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle have withstood repeated market sharpening and testing, and achieved a double harvest of sales and reputation.


Precision layout brand and a new beginning are the cornerstone of rapid development

Under the background of the national “double carbon” goal and the market demand for cost decreasing and benefit increasing, the wave of new energy and intelligent interconnection of commercial vehicles is coming. Head for the “New” and laying out high-end light truck business have become the key to the high-quality development of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle and leading the industry reform.


In 2022, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle as the strategic business unit of Weichai Group, achieved brand renewal and start again, and shift the strategic perspective from traditional inefficient competition to the high-end market and a new track in the field of new energy commercial vehicles. Relying on the support of Weichai Group’s resource system, actively embraces the whole business field of new energy commercial vehicles, such as the EIC system, intelligent networking, and intelligent driving, and clearly takes independent research and development as the core, occupies a place in the national new energy commercial vehicle track.

It is clear that strategic transformation alone is not enough to polish the shining business card of China’s light truck industry, and product technology is undoubtedly the foundation. It takes a good blacksmith to make steel. In “thousand sails athletics, hundred large ships struggles class” in the light truck industry, especially the rapid expansion of e-commerce express logistics, the improvement of consumers’ demand for cold chain transportation, and the promotion of the “double carbon” goal to the green transformation of logistics, the light truck market continues to be greeted with new trends. Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has created a series of product matrix of “wide product line, high coverage and strong competitiveness” through continuous structural upgrading and technical precipitation.


Long battery life intelligent electric light truck “Delong”, high-end intelligent light truck “Weichai SDAC Premium”, high-efficiency refrigerated light truck “Weichai SDAC - refrigerator”, all-round wealth creating small truck “Weichai SDAC X1 Classic”, super efficient energy-saving entrepreneurial light truck “Weichai SDAC Z1” and urban quality light truck “Weichai SDAC K1”. The new upgraded brand and product line covers such scenarios as “novice entrepreneurship, green logistics, cold chain transportation, efficient urban distribution, and high value-added transportation”, fully meeting the diversified development needs of the logistics market.


Seize the opportunity and new mode, drive new marketing transformation


The market is constantly changing, and the achievements already was the past. How can we still make further progress?


Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared well. From the brand renewal announcement at mid year business conference in August, to the delivery of a large order of 500 Weichai SDAC new energy light trucks in October, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle took the lead in the new track in just a few months. Behind the outstanding achievements is not only the initial results of its high-end strategy, but also the constant focus of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle in the new fields of new energy technology innovation, intelligent manufacturing, market development, after-sales service. In the future, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle will further break the original chain business model of “R&D - sales - marketing - after-sales”, create an innovative marketing model that includes transportation capacity, goods supply, leasing, etc., relying on APP to achieve comprehensive marketing digitalization, enable users to use relevant goods supply, leasing and other functions online, and provide users with real intelligent transportation solutions.


It is said that the market is the touchstone of products. Under the “double cycle” pattern and the “double carbon” goal, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle actively adjusted its marketing strategies, actively explored new development paths, seized the favorable opportunity of green and low-carbon transformation of the logistics industry in the domestic market, carried out strategic cooperation with major logistics customers, actively sought export opportunities in the international market for the short and medium distance logistics transport market, and made full use of two markets and two resources, Realized the linkage of internal and external development, make the dual cycle strategy initially effective, and lay a solid foundation for new incremental space.


3 years to forge ahead, 3 years of remaining the same. We committed to “continuously create products that meet the needs of users, create greater value products, and provide better experience products”. The technical upgrading and brand renewal of Weichai new energy commercial vehicles are all practicing this principle, and its precision layout also makes people see Weichai new energy commercial vehicles running all the way; In the next three years, how will Weichai new energy commercial vehicles settle in the high-end market and new energy commercial vehicle field, bring new value breakthroughs to the logistics industry and users, leaving Weichai new energy commercial vehicles a long way to go, and time will tell us!

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